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The Rauh Group manufactures and sells closures for the beverage industry and has been supplying bottlers all over the world for several years. There are three things that are particularly important to us: optimum product safety, high cost-effectiveness and the reliable satisfaction of customer requirements. We look forward to satisfying your wishes as well!

Closures for beer/water/soft drinks
Crown corks, MCA screw caps and swing top caps in various designs and units. Tailored to your specific needs!

Closures for wine
Long caps, MCA 28 screw caps and corks of different grades and compositions. The right closure for every wine!

Closures for champagne/sparkling wine
Corks, stoppers and screw caps for sparkling products – economical and with a “bang”. Together with the matching agrafes and cages.

Closures for spirits/olive oil
Cork stoppers, screw caps and pourers for practically all bottle sizes and shapes. From classic to extravagant.