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Swing stoppers: Closed in a jiffy. And tight at that.

Everyone knows the POPPING sound when the bottle is opened! The porcelain in the pure porcelain or three-component heads of the Rauh swing stoppers make this sound so rich.
For the brackets you have the following options:

  • Stainless steel wire (because of its insensitivity to washing substances and because it is rustproof, particularly suitable for reusable bottles).
  • Galvanized wire (practical for disposable bottles)

We will customize your bottles according to your specific requirements: Mount the bracket on bottles, insert bottles into delivered crates, pack as a block pack… It’s up to you.

All swing stoppers from Rauh

  • can be printed (porcelain 1C, plastic 4C)
  • are delivered from the following minimum order quantities:
    • neutral from 1,000 pieces
    • plastic printed from 35,000 pieces
    • printed porcelain from 28,000 pieces

Porcelain heads

Beautiful shine, rich opening sound, pleasant feel – typical for swing tops with porcelain heads and replaceable seals. Available with galvanized wire (for disposable units) and stainless steel wire (for refillable units).

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Plastic heads

Bracket fasteners with plastic heads are inexpensive. They can be printed in several colors.

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Two-component heads

These are plastic heads with an integrated seal made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which is applied by means of injection molding. A particularly hygienic solution, because there is no space between the seal and the head. Easy to clean and ideal for reusable bottles.

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Three-component heads

Porcelain plus two plastic components – this is the ideal combination! Hygienic thanks to the integrated TPE seal, with a beautiful shine, rich sound and a pleasant feel thanks to the porcelain top.

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