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MCA screw caps: Gas-tight solutions for disposable and returnable containers

MCA 28 (Metal Closure Aluminium) screw caps from Rauh are PVC-free, guarantee maximum dimensional accuracy and are tailored precisely to your process conditions as well as the needs of your brand image.

In order to ensure that the capping heads in our customers’ plants always work optimally, we offer the Rauh maintenance service for capping heads from a wide range of manufacturers.

Please contact our service technicians! Our contact persons can be found in the Contact section.

All aluminium screw caps from Rauh

  • comply with food regulations in the EU and partly with FDA regulations in the USA
  • are PVC-free
  • can be printed using the 4C printing process (4-color printing)
  • can be delivered from a minimum order quantity of 240,000 pieces (2 pallets)
  • available in silver/gold neutral or individually printed on mirror and/or full surface

MCA Screw cap GD 28 6-SE

The screw cap has a circlip that pops up into 6 segments (SE) when opened and is thus completely detached from the bottle – important for refillable glass bottles.

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MCA screw cap GD 28 VIP cap

This is a further development of the GD 28 6-SE; the circlip of the VIP-Cap also separates into 6 segments, which are completely detached from the bottle (refillable glass bottles). An additional rounded elevation above the locking ring provides an especially high-quality look and feels safe and pleasant.

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MCA Screw cap GD 28 6-RS

The screw cap has a circlip with round cut (RS), which sinks completely downwards after opening and remains on the bottle – it is ideally suited for disposable glass bottles.

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MCA Screw cap GD 28 Roll On

An inexpensive solution without a circlip. The originality of the contents is guaranteed by a paper seal. For disposable and refillable bottles.

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