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Pourers for spirits: Portioner with advertising effect

It should be exactly the right amount and not a drop wasted – in the catering trade, pourers for spirits bottles are therefore important tools. We supply these “tools” in high quality and printed in such a way that they become an eye-catching advertising medium for your beverage brand!


  • No dripping: Pouring stopper ensures clean pouring without dripping
  • Ideal positioning in refrigeration due to low height and extremely short spout
  • Surrounding decoration surface suitable for screen printing
  • Also available with a ring for attachment to the individual bottle as an advertising medium for the end consumer
  • Pourer part and nozzle can be combined in different colors
  • Standard colors: White, red, blue, green, black
  • Special colors starting from 10,000 pieces
  • Sizes: 28 mm and 31.5 mm


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