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Preserving natural resources

What is not consumed neither has to be paid for nor disposed of. Emissions that do not occur cannot pollute. These are simple relationships. However, taking them into account requires technically elaborate and complex strategies. We have embraced the challenge and are committed to using as few natural resources as possible in all our processes and keeping environmental impacts as low as possible. A few such examples are:

  • In cap production, we work exclusively with closed water circuits and thus minimize water consumption and waste water quantities.
  • We minimize the use of primary energy by heat recovery as early as the painting and printing process.
  • We use solar modules at some locations to supply the administration and production buildings with a high proportion of our own electricity.

As part of our corporate environmental protection policy, we ensure that our employees are regularly trained and educated to this end.

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Information obligation (§ 15 VerpackG)

The company Rauh GmbH & Co. KG and the company Bramlage GmbH fulfill their obligation according to § 15 Packaging Act and offer their customers the return and recycling of the used transport packaging for packaging placed on the market in Germany by industrial and commercial customers.