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Natural corks

Meeting the highest demands - naturally

Cork is the secondary cortical tissue of the cork tree (Quercus suber) and it is the particular cellular structure of this tissue which provides the tree with natural protection against heat and moisture loss.

We know that both the Greeks and the Romans used cork to seal their wine amphoras. From the end of the Roman era to the end of the 17th century wine was stored in barrels and it wasn’t until after this period that the real benefits of cork were discovered and people realised that keeping wine in bottles improved its quality. Storing wine became easier as the risks that were involved in storage in barrels were almost completely eradicated.

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  • SK-Prima dark

    - dark washed- Size 45 x 24mm- grades Extra, Super, 1st

  • SK Plus

    - naturally washed- Sizes 38, 45, 49 and 54 x 24mm- available in all quality grades- Corks with an essentially natural finish

  • Technical Corks

    - agglomerated corks:   2-5 mm granule size  sizes 33, 36 and 38x22,5 mm- Bramtec:   0,5-1 mm granule size  sizes 38 and 44x24 mm - Compo Corks 1+1:   Grades A, B, C  sizes 39 and 44x23 mm

  • Champagne Corks

    - available in 6 quality grades - chamfered on one side with two champagne cork discs- with side print and/or fire branding on the top- size 48 x 30,5 mm